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Roofing maintenance tips

This great article on Angie's List outlines how you can extend the life of your roof. It's helpful and can save you tons of money in the long run!

Here's a quick video about ice damage on a roof and the reason why you may need a roofing company if you are in a climate that gets snow!

How Inspect Your Roof And Know If You Need A Replacement

One particular part of the house that people really like to ignore is the roof. It's way up high and out of sight, and they're expensive to repair and replace. That's not always a good thing though, because sometimes a little care and maintenance will increase the lifespan of a roof and far outweigh the repair or replacement costs. Many roofs that look good from afar are in really poor shape if you actually get up close and inspect them. Let's go over some of the warning signs you should be aware of.

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Leaks Are Usually Obvious, But Not Always

Sometimes a leaking roof will only be a small pin stream of water that gets absorbed into the underlying insulation and sheet rock. However, years of leaking could be causing dry rot in the rafters that are incredibly difficult to fix. When viewed from the inside, you may notice a small discoloration on your ceiling. That's the best spot to start your search.

Many times the water is leaking much higher up and then running down through multiple roofing layers before exiting inside the house. As the water progresses downward, it is causing all kinds of potential problems so it should be taken care of immediately. One important factor to remember, whether you are a professional or not, is that you should see a chiropractor if you do become injured on the job. If it's a serious injury, a chiropractor may not be able to help, but chiropractic care can help with minor injuries, aches, and pains. Many chiropractors turn to the top chiropractic SEO company for help with their website.

When you get up on the roof, you might find that the roof looks great right above the leak, but if you investigate further up, there might be a missing shingle that needs to be replaced. There is also the possibility of piles of leaves or moss growth as well.

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Excessive Moss Growth Is Bad For Your Roof

Usually on the north-facing part of your roof or any part that is shaded a lot, you may find moss growing. Moss causes water to stay on the roof and allows it time to soak in instead of running off as it should. You need to gently remove all the moss and any other leaves or debris from your roof twice per year.

Moss and lichens can be killed by spraying zinc-based chemicals or by inserting a solid zinc flashing at the very top of the ridge of your roof. The zinc will leach down during the rain and continue to kill moss and lichens. This can extend the life of your roof considerably in moist or shaded climates.

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You Should Check The Valleys And Ridges For Cracks

Shingles tend to get the most wear on the very tip top of the roof - called the ridge. If you inspect it and see that many of those shingles are cracked, you should replace them all. It's not a complicated job, but if you're not comfortable on a ladder, you should have a roofing company do it for you. With a bit of research, you should be able to find a reputable roofing company in your area. In fact, in just about every suburb near major cities, you can find proven companies to help you. For example, this contractor provides roofing and exterior services and offers assistance over the phone as well. The same goes for the valleys - they get more wear and deteriorate faster than the rest of the roof, so you should inspect them frequently and fix them before more problems arise.

By taking good care of your roof and inspecting it yearly, you should be able to get a longer lifespan from your shingles. You'll also save money on replacement of dryrotted rafters and stained sheet rock if you catch and fix problems early.

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Steps On Finding Out If Your Home Appraiser Is Trusted, Certified And Licensed

When you have found a home that you are interested in buying, you and your real-estate agent must pre-screen the appraiser well before you allow the appraiser to come to the property. The pre-screening process will involve asking questions about the appraisers experience and knowledge of the area. Below are some of the questions you can ask to make sure the appraiser you choose is trusted as well as licensed.

What Is Their Certification Or License Number?

This type of question can prove to be intimidating for an appraiser that realizes you are entirely serious about finding out about their experience and qualifications. If the person is not able to answer this or is unsure, there may be a chance they are not licensed or certified. You could also request more information about this appraiser from your lender. To find the best Chicago appraiser, you will need to do some research.

Ask Where Their Offices Are Located?

This question is related to finding out about the experience of the appraiser in your area. In the world of appraisals this is known as “geographic competency.” You will find that an appraiser that gives bad appraisals is not familiar with your area. If you find that the appraiser is located far from your neighborhood, you should be asking them general questions about your area to test their knowledge of the neighborhood. You can also ask them about homes in your area that they have recently appraised.

Does The Appraiser Work From A Professional Office Or A Home?

If the appraiser you decide on works from their home, you are probably dealing with a “one-man” operation. In general, the appraisers that operate out of the professional offices share their methods, knowledge and experiences. In addition, the professional offices are more compelled to offer you with a better service. You can do more research on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoLandAppraiser/

Ask How Long They Have Been Appraising?

In general, it is best to go with an appraiser that has at least five years experience when it comes to the simple properties or 10 years when I comes to view, large acreage, waterfront, unusual or complex properties.

Ask If The The Person Is A Full Time Appraiser?

The process of appraisals requires focus and is often complex. The part-time appraisers known as "form fillers" are not beneficial to lenders, real-estate agents or borrowers. If the appraisers is part-time, you have a right to inquire that the lender sends another appraiser.

Ask The Appraiser If They Are Certified Or Licensed?

To date there are two categories when it comes to residential appraisal-licenses which will be Licensed or Certified. The licensed appraisers are equivalent to the “lowest-level” when it comes to authorization from the state. In general, these professionals are not prohibited to appraise complex or expensive properties when it comes to the lending process.

The certified appraisers receive the "highest-level" when it comes to authorization from the state. These types of appraisers are permitted to appraise any type of residential home in any of the price ranges and homes.

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